Handmade Since 2016

Providence Candle Co. is dedicated to crafting bespoke candles and household goods using materials sourced here in the United States. We fuse classic manufacturing techniques and modern design elements to create bold sensory experiences for you and your home. To achieve excellence in quality, our products are produced by hand in small batches from our studio in Rhode Island.

only the best ingredients

We believe in sustainability and transparency. That's why we seek out the best ingredients for our candles. We start with natural Golden Brands Soy Wax, produced from soybeans grown in The United States. Our wicks are lead and zinc free and are made of flat cotton threads interwoven with paper threads to produce an even burn. Finally, Our phthalate-free fragrance oils adhere to RFIM and IFRA standards for safety and purity.


Made in Providence

In the 18th century Samuel Slater built the first industrial textile mill, Slater Cotton Mill, on the waters of the Blackstone River, jumpstarting America's Industrial Revolution. Nearly two hundred and fifty years later, Rhode Island has once again become a thriving center of independent makers, artists, and manufacturers. We're happy to honor Rhode Island's rich manufacturing history and encourage you to continue supporting local independent makers.